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Welcome to an exclusive offer from Elevatione Time Stops for all my followers. 

Alexandra Amberg

New Non-invasive Mesotherapy and Ultrasound Anti-aging Treatment!

If you are battling fine lines and wrinkles, saggy skin, puffy eyes, open pores or pigmentation issues, head to Élévatione™ Time Stops on Brooks Street for our new, premium anti-aging treatment. 

EM Mesotherapy with ultrasound waves will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking youthful. The treatment increases collagen production, stimulates tissue growth, and promotes skin healing.

Only £26.99! 

EM Mesotherapy uses a device that emits electromagnetic waves or currents creating transitional, temporary pores at the cellular level through which the applied serums then pass into the dermis. This is called electroporation. Additionally, the micro-current awakens and boosts collagen production and improves skin's healing. The Ultrasound handle emits a mechanical vibration of 300 million times per second for the intensive massage of skin cells, resulting in a significant improvement of cell metabolism and blood circulation, as well as promoting the absorption of nutrients.

Our Needleless Mesotherapy and US treatment is 100% safe and painless, and is done in a relaxed, luxurious spa environment.