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Is this 24 Karat Gold face mask worth the hype?

You've likely seen products somewhat similar to what I'm about to show you. The fad is real, the hype is there, and luxury skin care brands are sporting various product lines supposedly infused with gold. Is it real? Do they actually put gold into these products that we will just wash off, and essentially drain into the sewers? 

Meet Elevatione Time Stops a skin care brand based out of London, heavily influenced by the art works of Salvador Dali. If you have been hiding under an anti-art rock your whole life, you might not know that Salvador Dali was one of the greatest artists of our time, and his surreal pieces are famous for being the number one traded art. 

Elevatione, has taken one of his works, the famous melting clock, and used it to inspire a luxury line of anti-aging skin care, and beauty products, that simply are divine and breathless. I kid you not, they have spent almost as much time developing the product packaging as I'd guess the product themselves. Each box, is uniquely packaged in artistic packaging, and it makes you want to cry just thinking of throwing that box out. 

But forget about that for a minute, lets get back to this gold mask. 

Besides for being the ultimate luxurious treatment, gold has many properties which are great for skin. Supposedly Cleopatra used gold to help her age slower, and studies show that it actually does prevent aging, and that gold boosts collagen production, which would reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and skin aging. 

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Here's how it works.

Step 1: Apply The Mask

You are going to have fun doing this, that's if you can get your mind off the fact that every inch of this is probably $5.00. A handy little scoop is included in the box, and it acts as an applicator, making it easier to scoop out some mask, and layer it on.

Notice though, you don't see any gold. In fact, the mask is a dark green, but if you look closer, you'll see tinges of gold and sparkles.

They do this intentionally. In fact, this mask is actually made of two layers. The top layer consists of minerals and iron, designed to entrap the negative substances on your skin. The bottom inner layer, is a fine gold serum like cream.

How exactly do you layer a mask?

Step 3: Top Layer Removal

I can't stress this enough, this is by far the most incredible experience. As you begin to hover the magnet over your skin, (maybe a cm off your skin) the mask begins to jump onto the magnet. You experience a sort of tugging feeling, and the mask begins to peel off and huddle onto the magnet. 

What's left is a really clean layer of Gold, which is quite noticably there when you look closely at the next couple photos. 

Step 2: The Magnet

You don't have to be a scientist to know that Gold isn't conductive. This means, a magnet can not attach itself to gold anymore than it can to wood. Why then do they include a magnet? 

Guess what? That's how you get that top layer off. By using a magnet, you are able to extract only the minerals and iron layer of the mask, leaving the gold serum/cream behind. 

It works like this: First, place the magnet into a tissue or paper. You do this so that the minerals don't get stuck on the magnet making it almost impossible to clean. 

Then you begin hovering over the mask with your tissue wrapped magnet. 

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