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Body Scrubs and Butters

Elevatione by Salvador Dali is pleased to offer the most luxurious and prestige formulations for body scrubs and lotions that deliver a nurturing experience to your skin and body before, during, and after your bath or shower. 

Our Shower Butter Composition is made of an intensive blend of cleansing butter that leaves your skin brighter, hydrated, and nourished all the while providing a luxurious fragrance. The Elevating Body Scrub is a pre-shower/bath composition that is designed with two layers the upper layer is made of apricot grains which helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, while the lower level is based on rice powder and is a great skin polisher leaving your skin post shower even more bright. Finally our Figurative Vitamin Butter  also includes two layers; top layer based on shea butter, and the second layer provides a blend of vitamins like Vitamin E which are released into your skin providing a healthy moisturizing treatment post bath.
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