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Don't tan this summer until you've read this

Summer is upon us, and for some of us we’ve been getting loads of sun, beaches, and sand. Oh, lots of Sand. Sand in places we didn’t even know existed. But with loads of exposure to sun comes great health concerns, especially as it relates to your skin.

If you're anything like me, you’ve been waiting all winter for this, and no one can talk you down from hitting the beach, or simply rolling out a towel onto your backyard.

So to make things super simple, here’s what you need to know.

There are two types of sun rays that bake that beautiful body of yours; UVA and UVB. UVB rays reach only the outer layer of your skin or the epidermis, and if not countered can leave cosmetic damage like sun spots. The more harmful rays are UVA which penetrate much deeper into the skin, and can cause the breakdown of collagens the skin’s natural fibers that lock in moisture.


Most typical sunscreens block out UVB rays, but don’t do enough for UVA. Which while it might not leave you spotting, can cause a lot more damage, and is the cause of skin aging, wrinkles, and skin discoloration. We don’t want that.

You’ve got two options really.

Option A: Cover your skin with clothes or stay indoors.
Yup that one isn’t going to work. I feel you.

Option B: Treat your skin with proper creams and lotions which will nourish your skin, and counteract the damage UVA rays are causing your skin.
While Option A is free, it’s going to make for some unpleasantness if you hate the indoors during summer time.

So what products do you need?

It's really a four step process: 

  1. Cleansing Soap: Most soaps will do, but Elevatione's Brightening Cleansing Soap contains White Tea, which has Catechin a natural powerful antioxidant and maintains skin freshness. Buy Now
  2. Boosting Serum: This complex serum contains Vitamin C+ and Amino Acids which help promote complexion and lighten age spot depigmentation. Buy Here
  3. Brightening & Protecting Moisturizer: This cream is a 3-1 cream which hydrates your skin (countering UVA rays), reduces discolorations and dark spots, and offers antioxidants for skin revitalization. Buy Here
  4. Brightening Mask: This mask is made with Alpine Rose and Argan Oil. Alpine Rose is a flower wich grows in the Swiss Alps in extreme cold conditions only, and is known to help repair skin and revitalize it. Argan Oil includes tremendous amounts of nutrients including fatty acids, Vitamin E, and acts as a natrual hydrator and moisturizer to your skin. Buy Here

Together, these four products are guaranteed to make your skin look nice and beautiful, glowing, and keep your skin healthy while you tan your skin to a perfect golden tone. 

Shop today and receive a 10% Discount by using "Summer17" at Checkout. 

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