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Hair Fair - Hair Loss Prevention Supplement

We all lose hair every day. This happens when we brush it or dry it with a hair dryer after shampooing. Although it is not a disease, hair loss and baldness can indicate a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Elevatione’s Hair Fair provides you with the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain beautiful, healthy looking hair. The formula is based on MSM and Vitamin B complex, Zinc and Silica which all help in the renewal and growth of the hair root. Clinical studies have found that MSM supplements, combined with Vitamin B, Iron and Zinc all contribute to the growth and regeneration of healthy looking hair, skin and nails.

Stress and anxiety are other causes of hair loss, so we also enriched the formula with Inositol and Choline. These are responsible for breaking down fats in the blood and, as a result, help build skin tissue and hair roots.

Take one capsule, twice a day, after meals with a glass of water.

  • MSM
  • Choline L- Bitartrate
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Premix Vitamins B complex
  • Ferrous
  • Zinc
  • Copper

How Long is a Subscription for? 
In general, a subscription is for a year, but you are in charge, and can cancel at any time.

Can I cancel my subscription? 
Yes, of course. You can cancel at any time, just email and we will cancel your subscription for you. You can also cancel it online by logging into your account. 

When will you ship my next supply? 
Your supply will last 30 days. Every month right around the time you signed up will be your shipping day. You can schedule those days, push them off, or request an earlier date through our online subscription portal located in your account on 

What if the product doesn't suit me? 
Within the first 30 days of your subscription, you are elegible for a full refund as per our standard 30 day return policy. Contact and we will send you a pre-paid shipping label. 

Shipping Policy: is proud to offer Free International Shipping on every single order. We ship world wide using DHL, and most orders are fulfilled within 1 business day. Depending on Location your order should arive between 2-7 business days. For an exact break down visit our Shipping Policy Page. If you need your order sooner, email us at and we'll make every attempt to accommodate your needs. 

Return Policy:

Orders placed on Elevatione Online, are automatically elegible for free returns for 30 days from the day of purchase. Tried the product but didn't like the color or smell, we get it! Simply email with your order number and request a pre-paid return label. 


Ask a Question
  • Does this help prevent balding?

    The most common cause of balding is diminishing silica in your body as we age. Babies and children have higher amounts of Silica, and that's why their hair tends to be softer, shinier, and healthier. As we age, our body builds more calcium which fights silica. A supplement like this will boost your silica levels, which will strengthen your hair roots, and help grow hair faster, and stronger, thereby reducing balding. 

  • Does it work for men or just women?

    Both, the ingredients are unisex, and both men and women have reported that they had positive results after using Hair Fair by Elevatione

  • How do I know if it really works?

    Our standard 30-day return policy still applies. In the event that you are unhappy, you can return the remaining pills for a full refund. You can also cancel your subscription (assuming you signed up) at any time. Canceling before the second shipment arrives will, however, make you responsible for the free package. 

  • If I subscribe, how much do I pay now?

    If you choose our subscribe & save option, you pay nothing today. You will still have to fill out a credit card form to ensure we can charge and ship your next supply, but there won't be a charge today. If you see a small charge, it'll just be an authorization confirming your credit card's validity. 

  • How many pills come in each box?

    Each box contains a two month supply (60 pills). 

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