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Eyer Kit

Five wonderful, beauty-wonders designed to work day and night, around the clock, to fight the signs of aging, restore youthful appearance and provide a glamorous look for the area under your eyes.
ÉLÉVATIONE Time Stops EYER kit, provides extraordinary results for your eyes, both instant and long term.


ÉLÉVATIONE Time Stops is proud to present the latest technology for under eye instant lift, which combines an intensive formula with unique ergonomic applicator structure, perfectly adapted to the under eye zone, designed to massage and exercise the vital points under the eyes, providing instant cooling effect to shrink puffy eye bags and tighten the skin.
Our unique blend is based on a handmade herbal infusion of rosemary, ginger, and sage extracts which promote skin regeneration, as well as a unique combination of evening primrose oil, shea butter and calendula oil, which will improve your skin’s hydration and elasticity. The Haloxyl™ patent is integrated with a boost of peptides to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. These wonderful selected ingredients are absorbed while massaging and exercising the area, resulting in a youthful and tight looking complexion.20 ml ℮ 0.67 oz.


Multi-tasking eye cream designed to instantly diminish fine lines and reduce dark circles. it is a great primer for makeup application due to its powerful boost of moisture and its pure formula.
Based on handmade herbal infusion of green tea, ginseng and ginger extracts, which work together to soothe and enhance eye area and to minimize the puffy look.
The antioxidant effect of the vitamin C added to the formula, allows this cream to function as your eye bodyguard, protecting your skin from free radicals and environmental damage (sun, pollution, dry air & extreme temperatures).
Enriched with REVIVEYE peptides based patented, a complex which helps prevent and fight the appearance of eye bags, as well as caffeine which stimulates blood flow. This will bring more oxygen to the area, rejuvenate the skin and prevent dark circles.20 ml ℮ 0.67 oz.


A deep hydrating and refreshing mask with an instant cooling effect.
This advanced treatment delivers soothing and relaxing properties to tired, puffy eyes, ensuring a wonderful good night sleep. Based on a handmade herbal infusion of chamomile, lavender and mint which are induced in olive oil, delivering deep nourishment and cooling qualities for firm and radiating eyes in the morning.
This unique formula is boosted with jojoba seed oil, argan, sesame and evening primrose oils, providing a moisture shield to prevent excess water loss.30 ml ℮ 1 oz.


A daily makeup remover, to gently remove eye makeup while leaving the delicate eye contour feeling soft and clean. Based on a handmade herbal infusion of rose, chamomile and cucumber extracts, specifically selected to soothe, clean, and refresh the eye area.30 ml ℮ 1 oz.

Fight time and restore the youthfulness by correcting the past damage shown under your eyes.
Based on a handmade herbal infusion of chamomile, rose hips and geranium oils, which are induced in avocado oil, delivering toning, refreshing, soothing, smoothing, and plumping qualities. Your eyes will improve dramatically during the night, resulting in a hydrated, firm and radiant skin.
This repair recipe is boosted with a unique mixture of vitamin C and Provitamin B5 reparative properties which work synergistically to neutralize free radicals, even your skin tone, and improve discoloration.
This active formula is fortified with an enriched combination of hyaluronic acid and peptides. These are potent actives which go a long way to soothe and protect the delicate under-eye skin, thanks to their water attracting properties which work beautifully to bring plumpness back to your skin.45 Units / 0.3 gr. Each

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Ask a Question
  • Can the puffiness eliminating wizard be used daily like an eye cream at night?

    Yes it most definitely can. Just use a small dab on each eye.

  • The eye wizard is it effective to use in the morning or before bedtime at night

    It can be used either way. We recommend using it in the morning so you have an entire day with the effect. 

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