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Skin Detox

A common myth about skin care has always been that the number one threat to healthy skin is sun exposure. However, while true that excess skin exposure does damage our skin tissue, the outdoors offer so many additional threats. 

Jean Krutmann, a toxicologist and professor of dermatology and environmental medicine at the University of Düsseldorf in Germany says "Now we know that pollution also causes pigment changes and wrinkles." The biggest culprits are soot and diesel exhaust: They're coated in something called polyaromatic hydrocarbons, which are really good at getting into skin, where they bind to skin cell receptors, causing oxidative stress and activating genes involved in skin aging. "They trigger genes responsible for wrinkle formation and inflammation, and melanocyte proliferation that causes uneven pigmentation,"

We've compiled a list of products designed specifically to help rid your skin from the negative elements, as well as products to help protect you while outdoors. 

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