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60 Seconds Firmax Mask

Firmax revolutionary mask is designed to support your skin and return it to its youthful look in seconds. Based on Tightox patented ingredient which provides the skin with the power to protect and regenerate itself, to promote detoxification and improve skin quality. Your skin will bridge the gap in just sixty seconds.

This superb recipe is formulated with an enriched combination of elastin and peptides which are vital proteins for keeping your skin smooth, supple and elastic. We also double complimented this mask with organic botanical Songa™ extract lush with strong antioxidants that protect the skin from aging, carries soothing and skin repairing qualities and our unique handmade herbal infusion of hibiscus, raspberry and rose. They are all brimming with vitamin C antioxidant protection and replenish the hydration, the smoothness and the softness of your skin to create the natural essence of youth.
And the crowning is our dedicated brush, sold separately, designed for a spotted application of the mask in one brisk stroke. Improved supplement that will give you control over thorough, clean and more targeted smear. Following your facial application, rinse the brush and after drying, store it in its black velvet beg so the brush will be maintained over time.

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Ask a Question
  • can you leave it on for more than 60seconds? how do you rinse off? Do you need to follow up with night cream?

    It's not advised to leave it on for too long. A minute or two, maybe three, and then wipe it off with a moist tissue of towel. You can the follow up with night creme if you like. 

  • 60秒firmax面膜是改善外观还是日常使用?是每天用还是定期使用?

    我们建议每周2-3次使用。 它具有长期的好处,而不仅仅是像我们的浮肿消除向导那样的瞬间霜。 但它也可以立即工作,所以即使只有一次使用,您也会看到差异。

    English: We recommend 2-3 times a week use. It has long term benefits, rather than just an instant cream like our puffiness elimination wizard. But it works instantly too, so you'll see a difference after just one use. 

  • Do you put it on the eye area

    This mask can  be used on area around the eyes or your entire face. Think of it as botox in a bottle, but without the recovery time or injections. It can be applied at will and will usually last 12 hours or so before it begins to return to normal. 

  • 这是美元吗?


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